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These doors are the second set of doors saved in the renevation project of the Cape Coast Slave Castle.  The only other set of doors that were  preserved from  the Slave Castle beyond  the infamous  Doors of No Return were saved from a burn heep by H.R.M. Nana Kweke Egyir Gyepi III--The Black Doors of Tears.

These  doors embossed with the Star of David were seen as a special and unique part of history and were retained in the Castle.

What made these doors so unique?  So special that they were not destroyed along with the rest of the doors?

As I began to delve into the history of Cape Coast  and Afrikan History, the plot thickened and continues. 

Two of my major study sources, I have come to respect highly for their passion, knowledge and expertise on the subjects of Ancient Afrikan and Egyptian History as it relates to slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade are Dr. John Henrik Clarke and Dr. Leonard Jeffries. Among them are too many competent and knowledgeable sources to name.

I am professionally and personally involved with Nana Gyepi III and the Tower of Return.  Therefore when I was first tagged in a post with these unique doors, I patiently awaited the history from this Afrikan historian.  I did not get it then, however, now my eyes have been opened to Truth!

Nana's post merely had a photo of the doors and he simply said, "THE TOWER OF RETURN MONUMENT PROJECT-This is where the Afrika Enslavement money was kept in the Cape Coast dungeons AU, UN, EU, USA. Reparations to Afrikans must also be taking very important because its is in the Bible and that the wicked will pay for there wickedness and it must come fast. God of Afrika is saying: 'do something about', OK. The Black Doors of Tears ???"

My mind went back to the time I remembered vaguely that the Jews were seeking retribution from Gold from the United States.  However, the gold pass through a couple of Countries and it was said that no one knew where the gold was.  

Could it have been that this gold the Jews were seeking to reclaim was the same gold locked behind these Cape Coast Slave Castle  doors?  The same doors that displayed the Stars of David?

My first thought was "God don't like ugly"! 

I decided to look the case up and found an 2004 article by the Globel Jewish News Source.  

Here is what I found that was important to me: "The Gold Train victims have found 25 survivers sued the US and received "support from numerous lawmakers. Seventeen senators, both Democrats and Republicans, signed a letter in May asking the Justice Department to settle the case.
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) sent a letter to Karl Rove, a senior adviser to President Bush, late last month, asking for help in resolving the matter through mediation.
Democratic presidential contender Sen. John Kerry also has called on the Bush administration to resolve the case."

I do not know if the 25 people who were sueing the US Government for the gold received it in a hush hush settlement or not but I do know that not Jews only but Indians, perhaps others have received reparations. 

The only Nation of peoples who have not received Reparations are Afrikans and Afro American.

The Only Nations of people who are faught so hard against to keep from receiving Reparations are Afrikans and African Americans.  WHY?

The Bill H.R. 40, was introduced in 1989.  The African Studies Quarterly it seems had no impact. The FCN Online People Poll had no effect.  However, it seems that many have come out of the woodworks fighting against Reparations for Blacks.

David Horowitz??? Wrote an 8-page essay "Ten Reasons Why Repartations  Is A Bad Idea for Blacks - and Racist Too"  Horowitz states  that "there is no single group responsible for the crime of Slavery." Ha! Really?

E.R. Shipp, a Columnist for the New York Daily News is so against Blacks receiving Reparations that he wrote a 5-page essay saying why Black should not be reimbursed for what they suffered.

There is no other race of people who has suffered at the hands of many other nations, including the Jews, as Afrikans and Afro Americans.

It is interesting that London has apologized for their part in the slave trade along with France and the Netherlands.  

According to Black Voice News, the Caribbean Nations has united seeking reparations.  

What makes these apologies so very interesting, coming from the side of their mouth, is that not only have these countries not made Reparations, they have reacquired a hold in Afrikas economy keeping Her in poverty as they still profit from Afrikan slave labor and steals Her Natural resources with many large American  corporations in the forefront!

I can go on and on and on, However, as an African American whose grandparents were victims of slavery and its atrocities; parents who suffered the effects of slavery who were  not allowed an education; all the racism that my children and I have endured, as far back as I can remember, even until this day, in my 60+years; and, I am not the only one, Reparations is a must!  Blacks are still suffering home and abroad from racism and inequality.  Reparations must be made!

Reparations should be made because it is the right thing to do!  The Creator of the Universe requires it!  Divine Law Demands it!

Apostle Rubie James
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